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Warehouse and stables at the farm

A few of our broodmares with KGA Sir Algot

Horses have always been a big part of our lifes and we had Tinker horses for many years. The Arabian Horse was totally new to us until we visited a horse auction. We went there out of curiousity and no intention to buy at all! But when Elisabeth saw Daphmina she put in a bid while Annika was wondering what on earth she was doing as we agreed to only go there as spectators. When another person put in a higher bid, Elisabeth waited for a while before she put in a higher bid and she won the auction! The horse was paid and arrived as the first Arabian horse ever at Kalbo Gård.


The big interest for the Arabian Horse began in 2007 and since then we have concentrated on those beautiful and intelligent horses. Our ambition is to breed Arabian Horses with great riding abilities, excellent Arabian Type, a good temperament and good conformation. We have selected our brood mares carefully from their special features and bloodlines and we do a lot of research to find the stallions that are ultimate for our mares.


You are always welcome to visit us and our beautiful horses!



8th June 2014


KGA Gladiator became Classwinner and Gold Champion colt at Turbo Star International B-Show. He got the highest points for movements of the show! We wants to thank Madeleine Haag and her team for making this show possible. We are also very thankful to Amaury Justin and Mariana Eriksson at M&A Arabian Performance who trains and show our colts during this show season.




6th July 2013


KGA Gladiator was showed in halter at Grevagården International this weekend and became best 1 year colt and Silver Champion! We are so proud of our star!

Huge thank to everybody, especially Linda Fallqvist who made this show possible! We look forward to the Nationals in August!




3rd July 2013


KGA Gladiator will be showed in halter for his second time at Grevargården Int. C-show this weekend. We look towards to this and wants to wish everyone a nice show!




16th June 2013


Our both yearling colts, KGA Gandorr Ibn Shael and KGA Gladiator is at training and will be showed this showseason. KGA Gladiator was showed this weekend at Turbo Star International for the first time and got fine points and came 4th in his class with hard competition. Look out for our future star!